Monday, November 26, 2012

Game Review: The Sims Social on Facebook

This game had a similar feel to it as margaritaville.  It is a free to play browser game so I didn't have to purchase or download anything.  At first they give you a short tutorial that goes over the basic functions in the  game.  I still didn't understand what all these items were popping up whenever I did something, but I just clicked them to pick them up anyway.  The gameplay is pretty basic and actions only require a few clicks.  I had a little trouble navigating around the map and would prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse to scroll around.  After about 20 minutes of playing I ran out of energy and it seems the only way to get more energy is to wait a certain amount of time or to purchase it using real life currency.  I am not a fan of games where you have to pay to perform actions like some sort of toll booth and I do not want to wait to play a game.  It is sad that companies resort to this in order to make money.  Overall I like the idea of being able to create your dream character and live in a fantasy that you create yourself.  I personally would like to have some super powers if I were to live in a fantasy world.

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