Monday, November 12, 2012

Freewrite Challenge

10 minutes starts now.  Why are we doing this challenge? So many things to do, so tired, hungry, must eat after.  Can't stop typing, but can't think of anything to write about.  Time ticks away how much longer? So many things can be done in 10 minutes why this? Need to keep going can't stop.  Quiet peaceful outside the window.  Great day to go outside.  Water condensing on cold water bottle. Books piled up along messy desk.  Dust collects upon the objects in the forever untouched room.  Unused cords tangled everywhere.  What a messy room someone should clean it up soon.  Halfway there need to keep writing.  Sounds of cars passing by on the road.  Slight breeze passes through the windows.  Hands are growing weak, but must keep going on.  Sounds of an airplane passing by.  Lights flickering on the computer.  Birds chirping happily outside.  Running out of things to write about.  Sounds of a nearby TV. Wonder what they are watching.  Hunger pangs growing stronger should have eaten before taking this challenge.  Keep on thinking never stop writing.  What else is there to do in 10 minutes.  Why did I take this challenge?  Just writing about jumbled up thoughts. 10 minutes over.

1 comment:

  1. interesting thoughts Kevin. Sorry to impose this when you're so busy, but I really believe it can help you unlock extra creativity. I suspect you may never want to do this again, but if you are ever inspired to do so, why not try focusing the 10 minutes on free writing related to your game ideas? e.g. "I am stranded on a desolate plain - in the distance I see dust rising, and hear strange pre-historic shrieks. I turn to my companions and shout 'incoming', deploy those sentry towers, and the mechs roar into life spraying nanotube foam that self organizes itself into strange twisted towers. Still they're sturdy and they'll do the job. Antoine starts to ascend the first finished tower, straining under the wait of the minigun strapped to his back. Bertrand follows with the ammo buckets. I turn away to help with positioning of a barricade and by the time I am done I can hear the whine of the minigun and the wet impact sounds that I have grown to loathe ..."