Monday, December 3, 2012

Jurassic Survival Prototype 6



  • added health bar to player
  • added health bars to dinosaurs
  • added health bars to buildings
  • added how to play screen in main menu


  • Still thinking of way to add progression and ending to the game (may not be able to fully implement this by end of class)
  • Thinking of adding character levels with stat points to allocate every level up
  • Have a campaign mode that lets you replay and keep your character level/stats with increased difficulty
  • Need to be able to save game states, character levels, options (not sure how to do that in construct 2)
  • Get better looking sprites for all units/towers (if planning to go further may need to find a designer)
  • Need to fix construction boundaries (still able to stack towers partially)
  • Make a better building menu so it is easier to add new buildings

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