Monday, December 10, 2012

Jurassic Survival Prototype Version 7

game link:


  • fixed a bug with the restart button being invisible, but clickable causing random restarts of the game
  • added levels that are achieved by killing a certain number of dinosaurs
  • more dinosaurs will spawn in later levels and will be stronger
level breakdown:
level 1: 0-49 kills
level 2: 50-99 kills
level 3: 100-199 kills
level 4: 200-399 kills
Levels will continue to increase endlessly as you reach double the amount of kills required to reach the previous level.

  • with new levels we can add new buildings, dinosaurs and a stat system
  • fix construction boundaries so towers and walls cannot be stacked at all
  • implement a better building menu so new buildings are easily added
  • find a designer to draw custom sprites for this game
  • add an end level that lets the player escape from the island and win the game


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  2. Hey Kevin,

    Here is the play testing video of your game from me! :)
    I am sorry for not speaking up enough and showing my face (did not realize until I previewed my screencast..)

    Hope it will help somewhat though! : )
    Great game!

  3. Kevin! Tested out your game this morning here is the link to my blog, where the website is posted.
    I hope that link works

  4. Great game. I really liked it and it has definite replay value. The testing review is at