Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bringing back retro games

One of my game ideas is to create a multiplayer game made up a of a set of mini games which are recreations of classic retro arcade games like PacmanCentipede, and Space Invaders.  Players will be able to play with or against their friends in multiple mini games, accumulating points, and whoever has the most points at the end wins.  These games will have new twists like allowing one of the players to control the ghosts in a game of Pacman.

I believe this will be a great way to turn the classics into a new popular game that friends and family can enjoy on console, PC, or even mobile devices.  The gameplay should be similar to playing on an old coin arcade machine and each mini game should be fast paced to allow for multiple play throughs.  Game developers should take a break on creating more WoW clones and revisit the classics.


  1. The other day my girlfriend and I went to Dave n Busters to have game night. We saw a 8 foot pac man from across the room. As we walked over our eyes light up that there was the retro pac man game but on a big screen with up to 6 players! Allowing to play wirelessly against friends and family would be amazing and a great idea!

  2. Completely agree, revisit the classics! Love this idea, like mario party with classics. But more so I really love the idea of being a ghost in pacman, awesome.

  3. Great idea!! I like the idea of having a combined score from the six games. Makes for a more challenging way of being "the best". Being good at one of the games is good, but the players are competing to see who is the best at all of the games. What a really cool scenario.